PPC Hamburg




Key Facts

All information about the international meeting of the holiday flat industry - Live in Hamburg

Opening hours

Mon • 09.09. • 10.00 am - 5.30 pm

Tue • 10.09. • 10.00 am - 4.30 pm


Mon • 09.09. starts 8.30 am

Tue • 10.09. starts 8.30 am

Visitor facts

250 visitors expected

25 partner packages available

VIP Dinner

Take part in the exclusive VIP dinner. Network in a relaxed atmosphere with delicious food and great conversations.

Lunch & Coffeebreaks

During the conference, lunch and the regular coffee breaks with fresh coffee specialities are ideal for networking.

The top-class event

Professional Partners Conference

Exactly 10 years ago, the idea of the Professional Partners Conference was born in Bremen. Together with SuperStay Live, VRM Days is now bringing this idea back to the live stage.

The Professional Partners Conference had its re-launch in 2023 in Opatija, Croatia, where over 200 participants came together to talk about the industry, learn, teach, network and find out about challenges and new ideas and solutions in the vacation rental industry. The re-launch was an outstanding success and is now coming to Germany.

The uniqueness of this conference lies in the fact that each participant represents a reputable vacation rental property management company that manages a portfolio of at least 10-15 to several hundred vacation rental properties. This exclusive group requires a customized event to meet their needs. This is where the challenges, solutions and relevant topics for professional property managers are discussed – all in a nutshell, because this is where it’s all about the essentials.

Unlike many other industry events, VRM Days x SuperStay Live focuses exclusively on the relevant issues and challenges facing the vacation rental industry. In order to do justice to this claim, we obtain the opinions and suggestions of the participants in advance in order to identify their most important concerns and challenges and to find out their preferred candidates for speakers. From the industry, for the industry.

Strong together

Previous sponsors & partners

Networking and learning on site

Live format

The focus will be on the main conference area, the workshop area and the exhibition area.

The day starts early at 8:30/9:00 with registration and ends around 17:00/17:30. Attendees can expect a dynamic mix of inspiring presentations, interactive discussion sessions as well as a generous two-hour lunch break and short 30-35 minute coffee breaks. This time allows participants to make valuable contacts and acquire essential knowledge.

The outstanding feedback from participants in Croatia emphasizes that such events help them to develop strategic approaches and gain additional insights that are of great benefit to them for a successful and effortless new season. So it’s good that such a format is now also available in Germany.

Some of the topics we covered or are covering...

  • Get more! Which OTA to choose or perhaps without it?
  • Can we do it alone? Perhaps loyalty or incentive program?
  • Communication as a main role in profitability!
  • Power of marketing! SEO, SEA, E-mail, Social networks…
  • Future of online payment! Enhance your business!
  • How to extend season on our own?
  • Market insights – what has happened? What to expect!
  • Mastering new travel trends!
  • Show case: Unpredictable season, what to do in order to manage it.
  • Sustainability. What does it actually mean for an agency?
  • Unleash the power of data! No more just feeling, but data!
  • Its time to connect! CMs & PMS discussion
  • The future is here, what now? Deep dive into AI, VR,
  • ML, ChatGPT and how to use it, and not to fear it.
  • Financial hygiene and profitability. Prepare yourself for exit.
  • Maximising opportunities
  • HR a problem or not? Is it solvable?
  • Taxation. Always burning issue.

Cruise Center Baakenhöft

The location

Cruise Center Baakenhöft is located directly at River Elbe in the heart of the City of Hamburg. 5min away from the main station, the underground station „Hafencity“ is in walking distance, the center will be the ideal location for a perfect conference and networking in a gently maritime atmosphere.